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Well, I had a very busy and productive fall semester. The only thing I didn’t do was keep you posted on what I was doing. That is all going to change now. I’m going to put together some posts to share the fruits of my labor from this fall and winter break.

The most exciting new thing in my art life has been getting an iPad2. Now I have a digital sketchbook/ studio everywhere I go. So for now I will share some of the quick paintings I’ve done with my 2 favorite art apps for the iPad2, SketchBook Pro and ArtRage.

I hope you enjoy these and I look forward to continuing to share more with you.







Thanks to my father-in-law, Big Steve we were given the opportunity to see the Lion King at the Hippodrome in Baltimore. It’s difficult to put into words how amazing this show is. It ranks right there with Wicked. A definite must see, it will not disappoint. This is a bucket list item that my wife Angela and I were lucky enough to check off rather early.


Finally PenMoto is almost here

Posted: January 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

Back in the summer I ran across this cool invention PenMoto in an e-mail from Wacom. The project was born on the web site, KickStarter. The most recent update has the units for the original backers being shipped sometime between the 23rd and 28th of this month. I’m so excited to get mine. Between my Wacom tablet and my new iPad this is going to be super cool!!! After I get mine I will post some pics and maybe a short video of it in action.