It’s official the spring semester is over and summer can begin. The ADIM (art, design, and interactive media) department at CCBC puts on an end of the year student art show and I had some of my work chosen to be in it. To my delighted surprise, my book Twenty Grit won the 1st place award for the illustration category, yay! So needless to say that was a great start to the summer.

Over the weekend I successfully set up my store on @ I only have one item up but as soon as I do some shipping cost research there will be much more to come, I’m so excited about making stuff and sharing it with you!

Well I’m off to do my reconnaissance for the shipping. I’ll be back.

Stay tuned and stay smilin’,



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I was going to wait until it was completely done and bound but I can’t. I must share it with you now. I just finished the cover and it’s drying as I type. You’ll see in the photo the gel medium is still a bit milky. This project is for my typography class and is the final project. It is a none traditional type specimen book. I decided to focus on a variety of my own hand drawn type. I really like graffiti so I wanted to go for that street art feel and get some of my characters involved. I had a great time making this book and look forward to making many more. FYI the cover is faced with a beautiful 20 grit sandpaper, don’t you want to touch it. Hope you enjoy it!

starving artist by knittess on Etsy.

Here are some really cool books an old schoolmate of mine, Wendy is making and selling. I think they’re great! I just made my first book and think I may be addicted. I will post pictures of my book soon so stay posted!

I’ve Got Patterns!

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It has taken me longer than I thought due to life getting in the way. But life is good so I can’t complain. So, without further ado here is my mock up for some spring neck tie patterns. Enjoy!

Today I’m going to be working on putting some patterns together in a whimsical montage. I’ll post my progress later. My theme is going to be a display of new designs for mens ties for the spring.

I’ve got a lot of characters, so I just picked this one to start with as a teaser.

Here are some quick paintings I did with the brushes I made today from my photos. These paintings are more sketches than anything else. I hope you enjoy.